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Google Advertising

We look after small business owners Google Advertising

We DO NOT work with every business – only those we know we can help

How do we know if we can help ?

By offering you a free audit of your website and determining the value we can provide

We help small business owners with their Google Adwords “pay-per-click” advertising – both those who haven’t started advertising on Google yet, as well as those already using Google Adwords.

With Pay-Per-Click, your marketing budget
can be wasted
very quickly
with little or no return – Unless You Get It Right !

New to Adwords

Get More Customers to Your Website by Advertising on Google.

Google AdWords “pay-per-click” (PPC) advertising is regarded as the BEST form of “targeted” online advertising.

It is the best solution for promoting your business website. This is because no other means currently exists online that produces a more “exact” match to what people are searching for.

Unlike traditional advertising where you pay whether people see your Ad or not, with Google Adwords “pay-per-click” advertising you only pay when someone actually clicks on your Ad to visit your website or call you – and not just when your Ad is displayed. (In other words, when your advertising is working)

Let us help you get started now 


Existing Adwords User

We look for where you might be losing or wasting money in your existing Google Adwords marketing. You may be able to better-spend your advertising budget.


If you are :

* unhappy with the results and service provided by your current account manager, (and that person may be “you”)
* appear to be paying too much for your marketing,
* not getting the results you think you should be getting for the money you are spending,

Then you really owe it to yourself to


We make sure your Ads are on the front page of Google

SEO marketing companies love to talk about guaranteeing to get your business on the front page of Google, yet “there are a very limited number of spaces on the front page of Google” making it very competitive to be there and to stay there.

Using Google Adwords we do guarantee keeping you on the front page position
(and we’ve been doing so since 2008)

What do we do ?

First of all we determine if we are able to help you.

Then we deliver value – from assessing your business’s individual needs, to helping you establish a realistic advertising spend, to campaign set up, conversion tracking, ongoing campaign maintenance, landing page optimisation and detailed monthly reporting.

A “Full Featured Service”.

Each month we produce a simple yet comprehensive report that tracks your monthly ad performance. Based on Google’s sophisticated reporting system, you get clear details and graphs so that you can see exactly what your account is doing.

If required, we also offer web development services from designing and building brand new websites, general maintenance and touch-ups of existing websites, and complete overhauls and rebuilds depending on your needs – all of this work is done in-house for more-than-reasonable fees, and for quality assurance purposes is not distributed overseas.

We can even set your Google Advertising to target only certain regions within a set distance from your business. (That way you don’t waste money on unwanted clicks.)


We can tailor your advertising to show up only when you are open for business – for example, 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday (that way you don’t waste your advertising budget on unnecessary clicks.)

We even have clients who turn their ads off so they can manage their selfcare like going away for a holiday or a long weekend getaway, or to manage their work flow because there’s so much work coming in.


How are we different ?

The main way that we are different is that we don’t work with very many types of businesses. We only work with businesses that we know can make a good return-on-investment using pay-per-click. There are no Lock-In Contracts – you can cancel at any time. Because we understand that life changes, we also understand that you need flexibility and control. If for any reason you don’t see value from our service, and while we will be sad to see you go, you are free to leave us at any time. Just tell us what’s going on for you, and we’ll try to help you sort it out and if necessary, permanently end your campaign – it’s as easy as that. Your monthly Google spend goes DIRECTLY to advertising your business. Unlike some other search engine marketing companies, we do not pocket a percentage of your pay-per-click spend. This means that you will always know how much your campaign will cost you, making it easier to budget for your marketing. We have a set monthly fee, which means you can trust us to only recommend the necessary pay-per-click spend for your business as we are not profiting from how much you spend on your advertising campaign. Some other companies, while they will not openly admit this to you, want you to spend more on advertising so they make more money off you other than their set monthly fee. Some even go so far as to charge a percentage without you even knowing.

We specialise in Google Adwords Advertising for Maximum Results for you !

We have a proven track record of transforming marketing results for clients in a diverse number of industries since 2008, providing continuing outstanding Return-On-Investment.


Here’s what Chris had to say

“Trevor provides a genuine “peace of mind “ service when it comes to Google Advertising and websites.

Since 2008, Trevor has looked after my various business Google Advertising and websites with minimal effort on my part.

My websites have top Google exposure, and security measures are constantly updated and quickly acted on when hackers attempt to take control.

Definitely excellent value for money, quality of design and effective security.”


Chris Cantor
Q-Pile Foundations & Hardarc Engineering

We pride ourselves in helping you make money

We are based at Broadbeach and you can feel confident
as we do all the work ourselves locally

We are english-speaking Aussies that do all the work in-house, and we communicate with you in plain terms for greater understanding and peace of mind.