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We help small business owners with their Google Adwords “pay-per-click” advertising – both those who haven’t started advertising on Google yet, as well as those already using Google Adwords.

We offer a Free no-obligation consultation by phone to see if and how we may be able to help you with your business marketing.

We cater for both New and Existing Adwords users.


If you have a business then you must have a website. Period !!

Your website works for you 24 hours a day, even when you sleep.

These days most people search the internet for Products and Services that they want – mainly on smartphones.

Your website lets everyone know who you are, what you do, how and where to contact you.

Your competitors will have a website – make sure you do.

Mobile Websites

More than 50% of people search the internet using a smartphone.

If you don’t have a website compatible with mobile smartphones, you’re missing out on customers.

The main problems with NOT having a “mobile friendly” website is the text is too small to read, buttons too small, and you must “pinch and zoom” to view the  website.

Businesses who have a mobile website have a competitive advantage over businesses that do not.


Check out  some of the work we have been doing for our clients.

We do Google Advertising, Websites that are smartphone-friendly, videos and photos, and more – Just Ask if there is something you need !!









Here’s what Chris had to say

“Trevor provides a genuine “peace of mind “ service when it comes to Google Advertising and websites.

Since 2008, Trevor has looked after my various business Google Advertising and websites with minimal effort on my part.

My websites have top Google exposure, and security measures are constantly updated and quickly acted on when hackers attempt to take control.

Definitely excellent value for money, quality of design and effective security.”


Chris Cantor
Q-Pile Foundations & Hardarc Engineering

We pride ourselves in helping you make money

We are based at Broadbeach and you can feel confident
as we do all the work ourselves locally

We are english-speaking Aussies that do all the work in-house, and we communicate with you in plain terms for greater understanding and peace of mind.

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